Popular Casino streamers

With the advent of streaming features on YouTube and Twitch, most people are trying to monetize the channel. With the same opportunity, many people and groups of like-minded people have opened a channel based on their interests. In addition, you can find the best casino streamers on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook and other social media platforms.

As a player, you love to follow the top influencers who update you every day with the latest tips, strategies, information, events, tournaments and more. This kind of work done by them motivates you to perform better at the online casino. But the main problem is; that some casino streamers are really real and believe in maintaining their channel by providing users with the content they need, while others are fake.

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Fake casino streamers never bother with the emotions and financial condition of the viewer; instead they go live to make some money in different ways.

For your convenience, here we reveal the best casino streamers in 2022, as well as a way to identify fake casino streamers.

Why are casino streamers popular with viewers?

In the current decade, the Internet has helped players, especially beginners, to learn how to bet for free from various sources. And one of them is the casino streamers who are working hard to provide you with 360-degree information about the world of gambling.

The main job of casino streamers is to tell you all the ins and outs of the industry according to their best knowledge. They don’t serve you for free, no doubt, but they make enough money promoting big brands, casino affiliate programs, sponsorships, and more to manage their R&D expenses.

Once third-party streamers cash out their skills without any investment or put their money at higher risk, on the other hand, players get the opportunity to improve their casino knowledge and skills by following influencers. Thus, it is beneficial for both parties to excel in their skills and earn enough money.

Top 6 Best Casino Streaming Channels in 2022

With so many live streaming channels, it can be difficult for a casino to find one that is trustworthy, competent, and genuinely liked by the live streaming community. So we have the research for you and here is a list of the world’s largest casino live streaming channels.

1) Trainwreckstv

Trainwreckstv is the leading Twitch casino streamer and has over 2 million subscribers. The channel combines casino action with video games to add value to its viewers. In most cases, Gclub casino slots are broadcast during their sessions.

Trainwreckstv is their official YouTube channel with 207k subscribers. Also, you can find them on Instagram, namely Tylerniknam with 107k followers and Trainwreck’s Twitter account with 468k followers.


ROSTEIN is a well-known name on the list of casino streamers and has a net worth of $27 million. You can easily find him wearing a cap while streaming on Twitch and other social media platforms. He started his casino streaming journey recently in 2016 on Twitch and later he established himself as a casino philosopher with incredible technique.

ROSTEIN is a well-known influencer in the gambling community with over 659k followers on Twitch, 51,000 followers on Twitter, and 94,000 followers on Instagram.

3) Cool beef

The interestingly named ClassyBeef Twitch is a streaming channel in Malta that currently has over 245k subscribers. The channel is run by a team of 7 hosts who have great laughs while streaming at the casino.

The channel is also quite popular on YouTube, namely on ClassyBeef, where they have over 26 thousand subscribers. Also, you can find them on Instagram, namely ClassyBeefOfficial, with 65.3k followers. At the same time, you can access their Twitter account, namely ClassyBeef, which is available with over 84 thousand followers.

If you are looking for humorous mixed casino content, watching Classy Beef casino streamers will be a good place to satisfy your choice.

4) Casino Dad

The hosts of CasinoDaddy have certainly built a reputation for their casino live streaming with 169K followers on Twitch.

The official channel of Casino Daddy won the love of 80k YouTube subscribers, 9.5k Twitter followers and 11.8k Instagram followers.

The Swedish team is known as the “Brothers”. In their 14-hour daily live stream, they really love to play high stakes slots, poker and a lot of other games! To say the least, this is a dedicated casino group that has contacted major casino players such as KingBilly, Playluck and Cashi Mashi to provide you with a variety of streaming content.

5) Xposed

face standing Behind the Xposed casino streamer is Cody Burnett, who has spent almost six years on Twitch. Cody is from Canada and he is one of the youngest casino streamers who is currently experimenting with several games on his channel and is gradually increasing his subscriber base.

He has a support of 494k followers on Twitch which is a huge achievement for his top streaming content at just 25 years old.
Xposed currently has 274K Youtube subscribers, 103.7K Twitter subscribers and 62.9K Instagram subscribers under the official channel name XposedTwitch.

6) Angel Mellie

AngelMelly is a young singer, TikTok star and the first female streamer on the list. She has 289K followers on Twitch and 572K followers on YouTube, where she mostly posts short videos. She also has love on Twitter and Instagram with 156.5k and 219k followers respectively.

Her casino streaming channels are full of NFTs and other casino games, as well as plenty of fun and entertaining video clips.

Who are fake casino streamers and who are not?

There is a lot of debate on the Internet about whether streamers can be called scammers and how to distinguish a real online casino streamer from a fake one. So, above we have mentioned the best casino streamers that are real. And now we are sharing with you some tips to help you identify fake online casino streamers.

First of all, just because a casino streamer has joined affiliate programs does not mean that they are a scammer. Affiliates may sometimes provide special benefits to viewers in exchange for some bonuses for new users.

Quick Ideas on How to Identify Fake Online Casino Streamers
If you accidentally landed on any of their social media profiles, watch the video and double-check the information if it is correct.
See if they advertise any illegal casino in their videos.
Whether their information is hidden or they do not share enough information about the channel, company name, address, contact information, etc.
Do they broadcast pre-recorded casino games in a loop?
Does their live screen change frequently to set up users with unrealistic data?
Do they share incredible screenshots of casino deposit and withdrawal amounts?
Is their channel profile empty or filled with less information?
Is their comment section filled with spam or offensive language?
If any of the actions seem suspicious, we can assume that the streamer has a fake profile. So be wise and bookmark real casino streamers just to follow their skills to improve your gambling knowledge.