Live Roulette

The best live roulette casinos, are a novelty in the online gambling industry, many new players choose this form of game to get a new experience and sense of presence, as in a real land-based casino. In the United States, as in most countries around the world, online live roulette USA is breaking records in popularity and is one of the most frequently chosen games.

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How does it work?

In practice, roulette with a real person works just like any other online roulette game. First of all, live roulette USA comes in different types, including American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette. The rules and gameplay remain the same, the only difference is that we are dealing with a live dealer and real players, and the game is available in real time. Using the latest technology and software, several cameras are installed to provide an overview of the whole situation.

The game is broadcast from a real casino, which was created by the operator specifically for online players. The broadcast can be watched through any device connected to the Internet, including a phone, computer or TV. The standard rules of the game are very simple: you take the chips, you bet, and you wait for the results. The biggest difference is that everything is done in real time. There is also the possibility of best live roulette casino and to communicate with the dealer and the players at the table through a live chat interface or through a microphone.

Play live roulette online does not require any special equipment, games are simply recorded and broadcast on the Internet. The rest of the game is engaged in special software provided by the casino operator, the player does not need to worry about anything. Another significant difference of live online roulette is that it is much faster than its traditional counterpart, because the dealers do not have to physically hand out winning chips to each player. It’s worth noting that unlike many other casino games, live dealer games are usually not available for free.

The reason for this is that the casino is responsible for paying the dealer and, of course, a non-depositing player can take the place of the depositing player. In addition, most live dealer roulette games are not always available 24/7, as some of them run at different times and each option is scheduled for a specific time. This is very different from standard online casino games, which are usually available 24/7.

Types of live roulette

There are many types, but the basic rules are simple – you have to anticipate and bet on the right slot where you think the ball will land, and if you’re right, you win.

The roulette wheel is probably one of the most recognizable symbols in the gambling industry and contains 36 cells, numbered from 1 to 36, plus an extra cell with a number zero and, in some variations, a double cell zero.

Players must bet by placing their chips on the table until the dealer announces “end of bets” to end the betting phase. The winning bet is determined by which pocket the ball lands in when the wheel stops spinning. The dealer then marks the number on the table, and the winner receives the payout. Below, we will introduce the types of roulette:

  • American Roulette;
  • Speed Roulette;
  • Double Roulette;
  • French Roulette;
  • Automatic Roulette Slingshot;
  • Double Action Roulette;
  • European Roulette;


How do I choose between online roulette and roulette online live? Once you’ve decided that you want to enjoy your favorite table game from the comfort of your own home or on the go, it can be difficult to decide whether you should choose the online version of the game or one that is hosted live.

The biggest difference between the two versions of the game is how it is handled. While online roulette games are based on the HSG, the live versions of the game are based on real dealers that we can interact with. Reputable online casinos, offer many variations of the most popular table games.

Today, you can choose from a variety of roulette games available at virtual and live tables. From standard European roulette or its American and French equivalents to game options with additional features such as multipliers and extra bets, they can all be found on casino operator sites.

Realism at the tables

Realism is the most important difference between the two roulette formats. While live roulette is run by a machine that guarantees fair play, live roulette games are run by real people. The action takes place at roulette tables that are placed in real casinos and land-based studios, giving players a realistic gaming experience.

When you join the table, you will enjoy the action. You have to bet in real time to participate in the game, otherwise you will miss your turn and round. The best part of live casino roulette is that you don’t have to visit a local casino to enjoy the realistic experience. It’s just a click away as live roulette game are at your fingertips.

The ability to play traditional online roulette for free

If you are new to roulette, you will appreciate the fact that you can roulette live play for free at traditional online roulette tables. While this mode won’t bring you any real cash winnings, it can help you learn the basics and build your confidence. Most RNG-based games allow you to play roulette live without risking your hard-earned cash. Use this option to check out all of their features and rules.

Unlike virtual roulette tables, you can’t join a live dealer table for free. This is why we prefer the former when it comes to roulette newbies. Take your time at the virtual roulette table until you feel ready to risk real money.

Minimum bets

The good news is that you can join both types of roulette tables, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. Online roulette requires a higher minimum wager than the online/mobile version. This is because, just like in a regular casino, dealers in a live casino require a paycheck. The casino also needs to set up a special recording studio, these extra costs mean that live betting must increase the minimum wager to make more money.

The best software

One way to choose a casino where you want live roulette play is to look at the developers who offer the gameplay you are looking for. Most sites only provide games from one or two live game providers, so it’s worth thinking about before you make your choice. Each vendor has a different style and offers unique features.