Live Blackjack – Challenge the dealer!

Almost every casino user has heard of online live blackjack. This is the most popular table game at any online casino. Spreading to online casinos, it has retained its original name.

In blackjack, several players face the dealer and try to beat him. For this to work, the value of the cards in the hand must be as close to 21 points as possible (this value cannot be exceeded).

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A live casino is Blackjack for money!

The game of blackjack also has quite a few suitable strategies that can be used at live blackjack casinos. Live blackjack, the game in which live dealer blackjack USA deals the cards, is based on probability in its basic assumption, so people with good tactical flair can count on pretty good hands and win.

You can find several guides online how to play live blackjack online that tell you step by step what to do with a certain hand of cards. Live casino online blackjack customers can choose forms such as fold, match, split, double and other types of strategies during the game. The most interesting and most frequently used types and strategies of blackjack are worth getting acquainted with now.

What is the purpose of playing blackjack

Casino blackjack is also referred to as “eyeballing”. Every day, we meet people who have already had the pleasure of playing best live blackjack online, even though they don’t know that it’s a professional name.

The basic idea is to score 21 points with your cards. A hand (of this value) created by two cards is blackjack. It can be made up of an ace and a ten (i.e., 11+10), etc. However, this is not the only possible option. Blackjack also consists of an ace and a piece with 10 points (jack, queen, king). At most professional online casinos, you get 150% of your initial bet for the best possible combination.

Is Blackjack necessary to win? Not always. Of course, it’s best to make such a deal and get paid right away. But sometimes you can win with 20 points, 19 points, 18 points. We’re also talking about a simple value close to 21 compared to the dealer’s cards. Here you are not competing against other players, but against this online casino employee. Sometimes there may be several or a dozen people at the table. Nevertheless, everyone is doing battle in blackjack live dealer.

Values of individual cards in blackjack

Under no circumstances should you start playing live blackjack Without knowing the subject. After all, it’s the individual card values in blackjack that determine whether a person wins or loses to the dealer. The values of the cards you have should also help you make the right decisions. If someone has a lot of points after the first two cards, it might not be worth taking another one, just to avoid going over. So, how do you count cards in blackjack? Cards 2 through 10 are easy for everyone in this aspect. Simply put, a deuce gives 2 points, three gives 3, a ten gives 10, etc. A jack, queen, and king count for 10. Whereas an ace has a value of either 1 or 11. Here, the player can choose which option is best for him.

When does the dealer play live blackjack?

There are different variations of live blackjack USA. Accordingly, and the rules on this account are different. However, most often, the dealer must take more cards if his “counter” is 16 points or fewer. When the value of the dealer’s cards reaches 17 points or more, the dealer no longer takes cards from the deck. It is also worth remembering this rule. For example, if you have 18 points on your cards, you do not need to take anything because you will win anyway. Many people, mostly beginners, forget this. They try to score as many points as possible, as close to 21 as possible. Sometimes that’s just not necessary.

Blackjack and its varieties

As we have already said, there are different varieties. One of them is the Spanish 21. This variant appeared in casinos in the last century. What is worth knowing about this variety? The game uses six or even eight decks of cards (sometimes played without tens, which greatly affects the strategy of the game).

Blackjack on the first two cards is always a win, regardless of the dealer’s card values. It is in this variation that the player can also use the last deal option. If the cards are terrible, a half-card return doesn’t look so bad, does it? Not everyone knows, but in the case of Spanish 21, a player’s winnings can be determined by the number of cards that were used to create the winning combination. For example, 21 points created by 5 cards is a 3:2 win.

What makes Pontoon Blackjack different? Here you play decks without tens. In industry parlance, these are called Spanish decks. In Pontoon Blackjack, the dealer does not deal a hole card. What are the other important differences? An ace brings one point each time you double the bet. If a player splits two aces, he can only draw one card for each ace he splits. It should also be emphasized that, in general, all the rules of this game depend largely on the particular online casino. So be sure to read all the rules carefully before starting the game.

Double Jack is played with only four decks of cards. The most important cards, as you have already guessed, are jacks. The more cards of this type, the bigger the winnings. Another interesting variation is double attack blackjack. Here you have the opportunity to double your bet by seeing the dealer’s open card. On the other hand, the best possible hand only pays 1:1, not 3:2. An interesting variation is the ability to make a side bet (overdraw). Everyone has a chance to multiply your bet when the dealer has more than 21 on the third card.

Decent online casinos also offer Blackjack Switch. Six decks are played here. Each player has two spots. What’s interesting is that he can swap cards between these fields to create better hands for himself. Remember that each field must be placed with the same bet amount. So it’s best to win on both fields to be truly profitable.

Bottom line

If you try best live blackjack at a live online casino, you can play your favorite blackjack game from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the live dealer, the game doesn’t lose its charm.