How to become a streamer in an online casino

One of the most popular niches in online streaming is slot machine streaming. TOP channels collect 400,000+ followers. The number of views exceeds 5+ million. Although Russian-speaking streamers are still lagging behind European and American streamers, they also gather large audiences and start monetizing.

But it is not so easy for a beginner to break into the TOP. We will determine whether it is profitable to stream in 2021 and consider all the nuances that you need to know before launching the channel.

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Are slot machine streamers popular?

The main question that determines whether or not to stream slots is whether there is a demand for such videos. One of the most popular sites Twitch regularly shares up-to-date statistics. Their data as of February 2021:

In the ranking of the most viewed topics, slots take 22nd place out of 250.
The average number of observers per day is 20,145 people.
In the TOP in terms of popularity, slot machines are in 24th place out of 250.
The record value per day is 77,090 viewers.

These are good indicators that indicate the popularity of the topic. Of course, casino streams cannot beat the giants of the industry: League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota 2.

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This has its advantages – competition in this niche is also weaker. The average number of channels broadcasting is 51. Moreover, most of them are English-speaking.
Consider the statistics of TOP streamers. For example, three brothers from Switzerland, who run the CasinoDaddy channel, ranked 3rd in terms of popularity in gambling and 123rd in the most viewed videos in English.

They have 162,165 followers. The record for observers per day is 4533. The total number of views is 22,534,090.

The brothers filmed a total of 487 hours of video.
Most Successful Twitch Gambling Streamer – Roshtein

His channel ranks 22nd in the ranking of the most popular English-language channels and 32nd in the overall TOP.

Do not think that success came immediately. Roshtein started streaming back in 2014. By 2021, he has collected 425,907 followers. The average number of observers per day is 20,403.
The most popular Russian-speaking streamer is now ranked 34th in the ranking. His channel, called mrslotyahuntelrgy, has 3,059 subscribers and an average of 50-70 views. The record is 662 observers.
The gap between English-speaking and Russian-speaking streamers in the field of gambling is huge. Although 60 regular observers is also a good result, which a beginner should aim for. But those who choose a wider audience, and not just the CIS space, will get the benefits.

How to become a streamer

Consider what steps you need to take to become an online casino streamer. Some of them will require material investments, others – only the application of knowledge and experience.

Where to broadcast?

The first thing to do is to choose a platform where the broadcasts will be conducted. Two popular options are YouTube and Twitch. Both platforms are suitable for streaming and will please a wide potential audience. So there is no single answer which site is better.

Summary – It’s easier to find your audience on Twitch. There are a lot of both professional players and amateurs registered there. YouTube, on the other hand, provides more ways to monetize and higher quality broadcasts.

The best solution is to stream on both platforms.

Select slot machines

If streamers of multiplayer games should first choose only one for broadcasting – DOTA, Counter Strike, and so on, then fans of online casinos should choose several slot machines.

Can be used:

New slots. It is worth choosing developments from popular providers: NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Play’n GO. You can also stream on slot machines from small studios, but these games should stand out either with graphics, animation, or high RTP and bonuses.
Popular slot machines, the names of which have long been heard. Book of Ra, Gonzo’s Quest, Buffalo and others will do.
Slots with interesting bonuses, progressive jackpot, 3D graphics.
You should not choose script machines with low RTP. Streamers who broadcast bets on interesting, bright slots, receive numerous bonuses and win big prizes on camera are popular.

During one shooting, you can show 3-5 guns.

Watch competitor videos
It is important to monitor the channels of other streamers on slot topics. Particular attention should be paid to TOPs. We must answer ourselves the question – how do they stand out and bribe. They should be evaluated:

Visual and audio accompaniment.
Behavior: facial expressions, communication style, appearance.
Selection of slot machines and their number.
Ads used and other monetization methods.

You don’t need to copy them. It is worth building your brand. But at the same time, having studied competitors, you can avoid their mistakes and achieve popularity faster.

Do advertising
It is impossible to break into the gambling niche without self-promotion. The most common and budgetary ways of advertising:

Social networks and messengers: Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Telegram.
Invite friends and family to broadcast. This will improve the channel statistics and help to attract the audience.
Advertising with bloggers and other streamers. But you need to choose those who work in close subjects.
Buy professional equipment
What is the cost of

buy equipment, you can find out by studying competitors. Many streamers describe in detail the models of the purchased microphone or webcam. Recommended purchases include:

External webcam. Built-in on a laptop is no longer suitable for streaming. The audience requires a bright and high-quality visual. The recommended number of pixels is from 2 MP+. Well, if there is a Full HD resolution of the matrix. Frame rate – from 30+. Although this is not so important for slots, the wider the viewing angle, the better.
External microphone. If it is not possible to purchase, then you should at least use a headset. Recommended microphone specifications: from 40 dB, frequency range – 20 Hz-20 kHz.
Some also recommend purchasing video capture cards. But this is optional.

It is also important to take care of high-quality lighting. Many broadcasts fail precisely because of this flaw.

Newbie Tips

There is no single scheme how to become a successful online casino streamer. However, as practice shows, thousands of followers are collected by those who:

Creates its own unique brand.
Communicates actively with the audience.
Provides high quality visuals and audio.
Selects interesting slots.
The main thing is to constantly analyze and study your target audience. Some successful streamers bribe viewers with regular winnings. Others show their failures. It is important to understand what attracts the audience.